30 October 2007

Redacting the USA

"Constitutional rights are minor inconveniences, noisome chatter, flies to be batted away on the steady road to despotism. And no one, not the courts, not the press, not the gutless Democratic opposition, not a compliant and passive citizenry hypnotized by tawdry television spectacles and celebrity gossip, seems capable of stopping the process. Those in power know this. We, too, might as well know it"


14 October 2007

Anarchists on the move

Assailed by the Bush administration’s pervasive and egregious assaults against America’s democratic traditions, critics in the blogosphere, and occasional journalists who dare break with our national media’s policy of disinformation, strive to document the neocons’ ever tightening strangulation of our judicial, legislative and executive institutions.

The term fascism aptly describes the tactical means by which the immense powers of the White House shock and awe the nation into benighted submission. Implacably, the neocons emulate the fascist tactics of the German, Italian and Leninist autocracies: thought control, disinformation, fear-mongering.

In order to secure their control over as much of the planet’s resources as other powers will allow, America’s neocons have been weakening foreign governments everywhere through economic and political manipulation, through wars of aggression as in Vietnam and Iraq.

Tying our own government into its real and concocted Gordian knots through the willing or unwitting complicity of a supine, fully bought Senate, House, Judiciary and Executive, the neocons are steadily eroding the credibility of our political apparatus.

Their goal: to destroy our so-called democratic government and replace it with a clique of deregulated enronic neocons unfettered by political constraints, free to pillage the nation and assuage their greed at will.

For the few who remember another Sarajevo ... Behold the return of the Anarchists ...