25 February 2010

Reality check

Behold the wounded giant:

A bankrupt predator nation whose power rests solely on naked aggression and international rapine;

A nation which has abdicated the responsibilities which are concomitant with the leadership position earned by the sacrifices of millions of its people in two world wars;

A nation which blindly follows the dictates of a corrupt and internationally condemned coterie of thieving banksters;

A nation which stands idle while its constitution is befouled to protect the privileges and security of corporate plunderers;

A nation whose military is instructed to practice torture and the planned massacre of civilians;

A nation which has abandoned millions of its citizens to the ravages of poverty, ignorance and unemployment.

In this arena, behold an Obama playing touchy feely bipartisan politics with the bullies and hoodlums of the Republican opposition...

No one should be allowed to be that obstinately clueless, unless he aims to be known as another Dubya.

11 February 2010

Evanescent Change

One year ago, a Hope mantra was being smartly peddled to an American public asphyxiated by the stench of effluents oozing across the nation from the Washington cesspool of greed, hypocrisy and corruption.

And Barrack Obama strutted confidently on stage.

He promised Change.

And then:

Barrack Obama proceeded to condone many of the most deleterious economic and constitution wrecking practices and policies of the Bush maladministration.

In the name of his irrational faith in a euphemism called bipartisanship, Obama entrusted the power of his presidency to a cabinet stuffed with lobbyists and Banksters' puppets.

Under a delusional Stockholm syndrome of subservience to the back alley bullies of the previous régime and under cover of a Department of Justice stuffed with Bushist lawyers, Obama has buried the myriad of horrendous crimes perpetrated by the Bush Cheney cabal.

In his New York Times blog, Mr. Krugman charitably states that Barrack Obama is "clueless".

Let's stop kidding ourselves and face the fact that the shadow of an Uncle Tom is looming ever more darkly over a very Short Changed Uncle Sam.