31 August 2007

Ahmadinejad vs George Dubious Bush

A few more atrocities, anyone?

Let's face it. If you combined the intellectual quotient of a Bush, a Rumsfeld and of all those imperious neocons who bask in their predatory delusions , you could not begin to solve the conundrum irremediably contrived by America's enronic corporate and political elites.

They and they alone have dragged this nation into the maelstrom of dead-end régime changes; they, alone, are recreating today's drug dealing Afghanistan; they, alone are feeding the cause of fundamentalist extremism in blood-soaked Iraq; and these aberrations are but hypnotic distractions.

These would-be conquerors now have their sclerotic vision fixed on Iran.

Roped into a tug of war with emerging power blocs who compete ever more aggressively for the planet's diminishing oil supplies, stripped of the international legitimacy which the USA once briefly claimed as a world leader, juggling with an exhausted military manpower, the Bushist neocons can neither abandon the oil fields of the Middle-East nor remain embroiled in the suicidal politico-religious Islamic confrontation which its military industrial profiteers have provoked.

Don't be surprised if these international thugs now resort to nuclear weaponry in order to try and delay their inevitable rout.

Given the Bushists's penchant for illicit, illegitimate and illegal expedients, nuclear atrocities may well be the next escalation in depravity to which they resort in a frantic search for a way out of their own contrived nightmare.

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