31 August 2007

"Katrina and the Raves"

..."Not so much as a syllable of complaint, censure or even constructive criticism from the neoconservative hyenas about 1800 dead, billions in damage and the virtual disappearance and subsequent martial takeover of one of America’s most historic, colorful and vibrant cities.

Not even a joke about “Lake George” or “Row vs. Wade” in twenty foot-high fetid standing floodwater, not a breath mentioned of Bush demoting FEMA from a once-competent cabinet-level agency ably run by Clinton appointee James Lee Witt and made a useless appendage to a bloated and useless host called Homeland Security.

Then again, the results speak for themselves: The poor that have been allowed to come back from the FEMA-run internment camps and formaldehyde-impregnated trailers for which they’ll have to start paying rent next year have been priced out of decent housing, priced out of decent schools for their kids, have seen whatever work they can pick up cleaning up their own city snapped up by Halliburton, that Bush tried to get around the 1931 Bacon Davis prevailing wage act, that their water system’s been privatized and that Bush is now trying to get back $485,000,000, almost a half a billion dollars back, from these still largely jobless and homeless people because, with FEMA, it’s feast or famine.

And the likes of Viguerie don’t hate Karl Rove because he failed as the face-saving Czar of New Orleans’ “reconstruction.”

And they’re not angry at Bush for rolling up record deficits that would bankrupt a dozen Bill Gates with endless tax cuts and that he’s got the chutzpah to hit Congress up for an extra $50,000,000,000 for his bloody oil war and, by doing so, is essentially saying, “Congress is my bitch.”

No, no, no, it’s none of that.

You see, according the real dick-twisters on the Far Right, it’s because, after nearly 75 years, they never actually quite did away with that damnable welfare state that they’d inherited from that evil, wicked liberal FDR, someone whose worth to certain historically-challenged Republicans is solely in leading us to victory in a war that can used to analogize the war on terror.

It’s because the rich, according to Scott Hodge at CPAC, still aren’t rich enough.

They hate Bush for his seeming conciliatory immigration bill, therefore in not keeping America as white as it once was, in not being able to singlehandedly reverse a national trend of Hispanics being the fastest-growing minority in America. They hate Bush because he bloating the government beyond all manageable size in their view disqualifies us from the cherished oligarchy of which they wistfully dream.

They hate Karl Rove for failing the party, for interrupting his string of consecutive successful thrown elections, for not fulfilling on his open promise of a 4th Reich of a thousand years that barely lasted four, because George couldn’t quite pull off opening up that string of McMocracies across the Middle East packed with right wing ideological puppets and got, instead, an unshaved version of George W. Bush in Nouri al-Maliki.

They hate Alberto Gonzales for not firing enough US attorneys, for not being able to help pack the Justice Department with 93 solidly and certifiably insane Liberty Law School grads and turning the DOJ into the Democrat-hunting pogrom that they needed. They hate him for looking like a flannel-tongued fool on Quaaludes testifying to the Senate about the once-secret NSA wiretapping program and for bumbling into John Ashcroft’s ICU room in front of witnesses.

They are all traitors to the cause, every one of them.

But the 1800 that Katrina killed, the hundreds of thousands that she’d displaced? Well, they don’t seem to have a problem with that."

Thank God some powerful people still have their priorities in order.

Gleaned from:
Welcome to Pottersville: Katrina and the Raves

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