20 September 2007

What's that gurgling sound I hear?

Might it be the sound of the US dollar being flushed down the international drain?

The Enronic embezzlement which vaporized billions from pension funds and individual investors was but a pale reflection of the institutionalized thievery of a financial system which sells puffs of wind as gold nuggets.

Bushwhacking the commonweal...

"In 2000, when Bush took office, gold was $273 per ounce, oil was $22 per barrel and the euro was worth $.87 per dollar. Currently, gold is over $700 per ounce, oil is over $80 per barrel, and the euro is nearly $1.40 per dollar. If Bernanke cuts rates, we’re likely to see oil at $125 per barrel by next spring."

Defrauding its Lenders ...

US Federal Reserve's cuts of 50 basis points ... sent the greenback into a tailspin, while stocks surged. The cuts also put China, with its massive wad of cash kept as US dollars, in a fix. But the Fed, despite the debasement of its own currency and the defrauding of its lenders, can be expected to keep the party going with more cuts next month.”

Gurgle ... Gurgle ... Gurgle...

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