29 December 2007

Redacting America

"Constitutional rights are minor inconveniences, noisome chatter, flies to be batted away on the steady road to despotism. And no one, not the courts, not the press, not the gutless Democratic opposition, not a compliant and passive citizenry hypnotized by tawdry television spectacles and celebrity gossip, seems capable of stopping the process. Those in power know this".

According to plan, [see "The Shock Doctrine" by Naomi Klein] the perpetrators of "Disaster Capitalism", led by American neo buccaneers, have already plunged humanity into an irreversible socio-political maelstrom by creating and exploiting a complex network of real or contrived conflicts.

Brandishing military powers and propaganda technologies immensely superior to those of their recent predecessors in imperial hubris, Stalin, Hitler and company, these power-crazed predators will not be stopped before they have been sated with the life blood of a privatized mankind.

Darkness at 2008

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